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Welcome to the new Louisville Nursery Association (LNA) website! Whether you want a total new landscape for your home, an arborist to trim your trees, or just the nearest garden center you have come to the right place! If you are looking for something GREEN and it’s in Louisville, it will be here.

As “The Green industry” professionals we hope that you will be able to use this web site to find reputable businesses for your landscape needs and to provide a venue for our wholesale members to be matched with businesses eager to locate vendors with exemplary products and services. Also, we will provide you with information on the latest trends, issues, and hot topics currently affecting the Louisville green industry. In addition, for those members who have an active website, a link will be provided to take you directly to their web page so you may view their exact products and/or services that you’re searching for.

From the LNA members to those of you that enjoy making your little part of our city beautiful, THANK YOU! We truly enjoy working with all of you that see the value in a quality garden or landscape which can be in your yard, at your office, in the park, or along our city streets. As nursery and landscape professionals we love to see when people take pride in their landscape and in turn this beautiful city we live in.

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